it is weird leaving work to campaign full-time. i love my job. as a matter of fact through all of the challenges of the last few years (death of loved-ones, divorce, quality time spent in emergency rooms and neonatal intensive care units) the one constant has been my job and coworkers.

i love my company. they pay me way too much to do something i do at home as a hobby.
i love my customers. it happens all of the time. you walk into a room because someone is complaining about the wireless network, and you see the blue prints for the new lunar lander, or you see a bunch of international partners and boeing guys talking about station.
i love my coworkers. for those of you who have lost parents or loved-ones, you might notice how something you miss about that parent or loved-one is suddenly noticeable in a coworker. i can’t help but feel that parent-like respect and love for some of my older coworkers and managers. as for my friends…i will miss them the most.

but it is time to get to work.

: )


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  1. metaljaybird said,

    August 14, 2007 at 3:40 pm

    No chance you’ll win. Good luck though. Your district voted for the smartest congressman in years. If they want to change their mind, let them do it.

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