Ten Thousand Votes! McCain Wins!

The HQ took on a whole new feel tonight as the candidate rolled into town. The last two days have been interesting, but not particularly fast paced. But as I sit in my corner of the HQ (which is actually the corner where everyone throws their coats) one can feel the tempo change.

Actually, a good metric wouldn’t be the number of calls made, or doors knocked on, but the height of the coats stacked next to me. The stack is at about three feet right now…up from about one foot just hours ago.

The race here in New Hampshire is really, really close. The predicted margin is about ten thousand votes. Given our call rate and DTD (door to door rate) I would say the volunteers are going to deliver our part on January 8th.

Here is my team’s chant:

Vol Team Nine! McCain Wins!
Ten thousand votes! McCain Wins!
Thousand calls made! McCain Wins!
McCain Wins! McCain Wins! McCain Wins!


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