townhall interview

Here is an interview I did last month for Town Hall.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


republican women, shrimp eating contests, regret.

last week was loads of fun. i attended a number of republican women’s meetings throughout brazoria and galveston county, participated in a shrimp eating contest in texas city (judge yarbrough soundly defeated me AND shelly’s campaign manager), met a number of elected officials, and made a few new friends.

people often focus on the negative side of politics, but it is really loads of fun. occasionally people are rude or downright mean, and sometimes you endure a dirty trick or two, but the people you meet and the things you learn far outweigh any negative aspects of the business. also, many people choose to live lives that are so incredibly safe that they don’t learn what to truly fear until it is too late.

have a great week everyone. go melroy! go discovery!


Why does one run for Congress? Why would I leave the safety of a cushy information technology job with a NASA contractor and turn to the rough and tumble world of political campaigning?

This is a big question…and like all big questions, the answers can often be found within ourselves as well as within the person who is being asked the question.

So take a moment to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “what would it take for me to risk it all?” What would it take to gamble your job, your healthcare benefits, your house and the opportunity to do something you love and pursue a challenge of this magnitude?

Would you risk everything for your kids? Would you stand up to someone whose policies threaten your children? As I am sure you are aware, Ron Paul supports the idea of legalizing drugs. While I would have embraced an idea like that as a high school student, I am now an adult and a parent, and I appreciate law enforcement helping me keep drugs away from my kids.

Would you risk it all for your elderly and disabled loved-ones? Ron Paul is opposed to the very idea of Social Security and Medicare. He thinks programs like that are bad for freedom. But I think programs like Social Security and SSI actually promote freedom.

When my Mom retired, my brothers and I asked her to come live with us. But she wanted to stay in Port Arthur with her friends. That Social Security check meant the difference between her being able to stay independent in her final years or moving away from the neighborhood she lived in all of her life.

Would you risk it all to extend the boundaries for mankind through the vision of manned space flight? JSC isn’t a pork barrel project. We are doing something by which time itself is marked. We are going to Mars! When we watch them strap in Tracy, Eileen or Beamer, we know they are willing to put it all on the line for the dream. And almost all of us in Clear Lake and the Cape would trade seats with them in a heartbeat.

Or would you put it on the line and speak truth to power simply because something is just plain wrong. Dr. Paul’s voting record is a collection of really whacky votes. He doesn’t represent me. As a matter of fact, he constantly votes against the thing I love: Space, my friends in Iraq, my kids, the elderly, list is too long!

So look in the mirror and ask yourself “why?”…and when you think of the answer, think of me and say:

Yeah, me too.

gabriel project

lots of people ask me why i switched to the republican party.  it is weird, but it comes down to a single issue:  abortion.  it is not impossible to be a conservative democrat in texas, but it is doggone near impossible to run as a pro-life democrat.  that didn’t become apparent until i started asking my liberal friends to vote for me, and one by one they told me that they loved me, but there was no way they were going to vote for someone who doesn’t support choice.

today i talked on the phone to a volunteer for gabriel project.  i love their angle.  between them and literacy advance i think i have two organizations i would like to see benefit from my campaign.