pep talks, mccain, vision, cynicism

today was national call in day for senator mccain’s presidential campaign. a certain ace fundraiser set up a call center downtown and a number of us attempted to raise money for the senator. i called probably one-hundred people and raised an ASTRONOMICAL amount of money…ok, maybe not astronomical…maybe i did so poorly that i decided to increase my primary contribution…so i guess in the end, the system really does work.

one of the people i called was a campaign consultant who i see from time to time at other events. somehow we got into a conversation about working in politics professionally versus doing it because you actually believe in someone or something. having worked in politics for both love and money, i can say that doing it out of love is way more fun. when my paycheck depended on it, i viewed the system much more cynically for some reason.

best pep talk of the day: “Get your @** back to work!”

best response to the question “what do you do for a living?”: “retired.” translation: “i am really, really rich.”

most interesting insider fact: the senator got on the conference call at the end of the day and reported that his wife sustained a shopping-related knee injury. yeah, i don’t get it either.

go mccain!