why we fight.

political campaigns start with one man or one woman. but that person makes a connection, and that person makes a connection, and on election day we go to the polls and we all count the connections. it is a great way to decide who is going to run things primarily because the alternative usually results in bloodshed.

i have an unusual perspective in the process. i am currently a beginning and an end point. i am the starting point in my campaign, and i am an end point in another race.

the key to being effective in politics is to understand your value to the connectors in between you and the starting point. sometimes those connectors need money. sometimes the connectors need you to sit at a table and hand out name tags. sometimes they need you to make phone calls. but if you have half a lick a sense, an instinct for timing, and are fearless, you can meaningfully participate in a political campaign. to me, that is the miracle of the American political process.

which brings me to the message i have for both my campaign as well as the campaign of a certain senator:
this is not about winning. other people in the system can trade on that truth. but we are in the ring because our heart tells us that this is the best man in the race. we don’t get in the ring to back a winner. we stand in the ring because we are with the guy who our heart tells us SHOULD win.

Rudy made an interesting comment in the last debate. “I respect Senator McCain. I just think I am the better candidate.”
And you know what. He might be right. But the smart money knows the best candidate in the race is Thompson. He is awesome. The guy is really on Reagan’s and Clinton’s level.
But the question is not who is the better politician. The question you must ask your heart is, “who is the better man?” you must then choose to fight for what your heart knows is right.

i have listened to my heart and i will answer the question:

why do we fight?
because we are right.