Interesting time and npr piece about mother theresa and the nature of faith.
mother theresa’s crisis of faith

it is interesting because I recall a time in the critical care unit when the isolation from Him was absolutely soul-crushing. strangely, His silence — my perception of His silence — led me to more fully submit. one would think this would have the opposite effect. i can’t explain it.


0pen source politics

The web team is beta testing our first “open source” political product.  The term has been bantered around a bit…there is a wikipedia entry on it I believe, but until now, I don’t think anyone has really defined a real model for providing an “open source” for the political process.

When people talk about the Internet and innovation, it usually starts with loads of hype.  For example, the Dems taking questions from YouTube.  Then everyone realizes that this doesn’t really add value, and the public gets disillusioned with the technology.

The funny thing is, as soon as everyone writes off a hyped application of the Internet, the lightbulb comes on for some smart cookie.  And that is when innovation occurs.

Our beta product is simple.  It automates my petition to get on the ballot.  It also allows a voter in Galveston County to get registered to vote if they aren’t already.

The source code for this will be available for first time candidates.  Check it out on the website